Monday, April 8, 2013

FaB Burgers Revisited for Lunch

FaB Fish and Burger Grill - Revisit Post

The more I write Hungry Kittens, the less I feel justified in eating at places I've tried before. It's a shame because I DO really enjoy some restaurants and eateries that I go to and am having to forsake those to try new venues to blog about. Even though I quite enjoyed FaB when I first tried it at the end of 2010, I don't think I would have gone back if it wasn't for Marc's intervention.

Marc found some online coupons for burger + beverage deals so he bought some and I got hooked into one of those meal excursions. We walked over to The Barracks. This was during the prime of Summer 12/13 (exactly 2 years since my previous visit) so we were sweating bullets by the time we arrived.
Copper's Delight - prime beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, caramelized onion, beetroot relish and aioli

The menu didn't appear to have changed much. Marc guessed that I would have tried the lamb burger already. I hadn't. In my previous trip to FaB, I wussed out and got the veggie burger. I was tempted by the lamb but ended up going for Copper's Delight instead.

Bite shot of Copper's Delight

As someone who is easily swayed by obscure-sounding burger patties, I get really excited about sitting down to a stock standard beef burger. The burger was quite good. It had a nice, juicy patty and sweet beetroot relish balanced with a generous ooze of creamy aioli.

Steak Burger - marinated lean rump steak, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion,  homemade BBQ sauce and aioli

Marc chose the steak burger, which as the name suggests has a piece of steak rather than a patty. He thought the steak was tender.

Bite shot of steak burger

Tenderness is a critical feature of steak burgers/sandwiches because otherwise, you're left with a piece of meat dangling from your mouth and shattered morsels of bread in your fingers. The filling to bun ratio was also proclaimed as 'correct' but he thought the buns were inferior to that of Grill'd.

Chips and aioli

We ordered some chips to share too. The chips were good in that they weren't outstanding but they weren't terrible either. I'm a crunch-lover so I would have liked them with more colour but that's just me. I like bacon practically burnt to a crisp. The aioli was good. I really like this place's aioli. It's extra thick and not too garlicky.

FaB Burger was pretty much as I remembered it. There's a good selection of burger fillings but Marc found the overall size to be on the small side. My previous review calls them 'large' so either they've gotten smaller or have porkier standards. I used to think they were much tastier than Grill'd but my opinion of Grill'd has gone up in recent years so now I retract that claim but it's still good for variety's sake. I'd be interested to try their fish menu one day.
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