Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Breakfast at Vintage Kitchen

Vintage Kitchen Cafe

After a fairly dramatic week, both Kat and I were glad to have a girly catch up over breakfast last Sunday. I picked Vintage Kitchen because it was located almost exactly half way between our houses. The café concept is a fusion of food with the sale of vintage clothing and wares.

I’ve been to so many popular cafe hotspots recently that it was refreshing to go somewhere that wasn’t teaming with people queueing for tables. Vintage was nice and quiet so Kat and I took up a choice spot near the windows.

The fit out is random, as expected for something parading vintage goods. From my observation, no two chairs were alike. I threw my bag on the chair I thought matched it the most. That's not even an option at most regular cafes :p.

The breakfast menu is very simple with toast, bacon and egg options, a few sweet things and vegetarian meals.

Latte and chai latte

For drinks, I had a latte and Kat, a chai latte. She wasn’t a huge fan of her chai, claiming it was too spicy and not milky enough. I wasn’t tempted to try it but I can understand where she’s coming from. I know that ‘authentic’ chai is probably more along those lines but I like mine creamy.

Toasted organic turkish bread - with avocado, hommus and lemon

I was hesitating between the banana bread or avo on toast but Kat convinced me to go for the avocado. It was brought out as a whole sliced avocado with a dish of hommus and large pieces of toasted Turkish bread. I was impressed with the serving size but unsure as to how that small avocado would be enough for all that bread. Together with the hommus, it ended up being just the right amount. This version of avo and hommus wasn’t as mind blowing as the version I had at Stomp but it wasn’t bad either. Being a lazy and clumsy person, I prefer my avocado pre-smashed and spread for me, rather than still in slices.

Vegetarian breakfast stack - with roast pumpkin, baby spinach, feta, avocado and semi-dried tomato aioli on organic sourdough, with a side of bacon

Kat ordered a vegetarian stack with a side of bacon. We both giggled at this clash of ideals but if you think about it, there’s nothing wrong with being drawn in by a veggie-ladden dish but also craving protein. Her meal contained lots of vegetables on a thick slice of toast, with the bacon on the side. We liked the serving style that utilizes rustic chopping boards.

I found Vintage Kitchen pleasant because it was relaxed and quiet. There were plenty of things to look at around the shop as we sat and chatted. The food was good, inexpensive and large in serving size. They weren’t spectacular or inventive but they were still tasty and filling and didn’t take a long time to come out.
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