Monday, August 3, 2015

Bali Day 2 - Dinner at The Junction

The Junction Seminyak

After our day time bender at The Potato Head, I was just about ready to pass out and have an afternoon nap. We did something even better by submitting ourselves to hours of massage and hair treatments at Cool Spa and Salon (a business which we became very well acquainted with over our short stay). It's interesting how a day can go so quickly when comprised of nothing but drinking and pampering. Before we knew it, it was dinner time again.

This time we set off towards Seminyak square but before we made much headway, we got distracted by the eye-catching bleached wood exterior at The Junction. The Junction is a large restaurant at (surprise!) the junction of two busy streets. Its walls are adorned with bottles of strange things (everything from pasta to shells and bark) which, if nothing else, makes for an interesting conversation piece.

The menu at The Junction is very varied, which caters at once to diners who want to try something exotic and Indonesian as well as ones who have done the whole local cuisine thing and are craving something 'western'. I even spotted edamame on the menu so they have a bit of all sorts.

Fresh fruit juice

We were all a bit over-saturated with alcohol by this point so we skipped over the cocktail menu in favour of water and juices. I tried a mixed juice which had a glorious kick of ginger. I liked my juice and thought it perfectly hit the target of being refreshing and nourishing but Kat didn't enjoy hers as much.

For food, we each ordered what we were in the mood for and ended up with quite a jumbled selection.

Soto ayam

My pick of the night was the soto ayam, a traditional Indonesian chicken soup. I asked the waitress if this was enough for me and she nodded emphatically, but to demonstrate how much of a rebel I am I ordered a side of salad anyway.

The soup was exactly what I was in the mood for. It tasted quite homely with generous chunks of chicken mildly spiced. There was a bowl of rice to accompany the soup.

Vegetarian salad

My salad wasn't so much a side salad as a gigantic serve of greens that could have easily fed one person in entirety. I waved my salad around for others to share but no one seemed keen on adding more veggies to their meal. The molten cheese and grilled eggplant made this salad taste more naughty and filling than a plain bowl of leaves.

Chicken satay with fried rice

Jenny ordered the satay chicken which arrived as multiple little skewers and a side of fried rice (nasi goreng).

Kat chose the grilled beef noodle salad (forgot to take photo). She couldn't eat the noodle part because it was too spicy so Jenny and I attacked her plate. It was a very saucy and flavoursome dish.

Truffle oil fettucine

Before I settled on Indonesian soup I was most interested in the truffle fettuccine. I was thrilled when Sarah decided to order this because it gave me a chance to try some. There was a bit of earthy truffle flavour here but the pasta itself was textured more like Chinese noodles than pasta.

We had a decent meal at The Junction. The atmosphere was nice but it wasn't one of our most memorable good experiences in Bali. No dishes really stood out. The service was good but wifi wasn't working when we were there.
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