Sunday, August 9, 2015

Miel Container for Lunch

Miel Container
96 Albert Street, Brisbane CBD

There's been a few cases of food venues that I've had back luck with, in terms of attendance. All of them have been in Brisbane CBD which probably has more to do with the fact that when I'm in the city, I'm in a rush, rather than anything specifically wrong with the restaurants.

Miel Container was one such location that I tried to get to on a number of occasions but kept failing. One time the line was too long and we had a limited lunch break. Another couple of times we planned to go but didn't end up going to the city. After coming back from Bali I needed to focus on the next thing, which apart from the wedding was our honeymoon to China. China travel means China visa and that was the perfect excuse to try Miel Container while we were in the city.

We managed to be a bit ahead of the lunch rush this time so there wasn't any queue when we went. Miel Container is thus named because it's a Korean burger joint that cooks and serves out of a bright red shipping container. There's not a lot of room to sit and eat but I expect most lunch goers in the city would do takeaway and eat back in their office.

The menu has two sections, one of which allows you to build your own burger. Because I'm lazy and easily get overwhelmed with options, I looked straight towards the preset menu and ordered the beef patty burger.

Marc, who had successfully made it to Miel before (without me!) loved the bulgogi burger so much he wanted to order it again

Our burgers arrived with a side of chips included. Perfect! They were also supremely massive. I'm a messy eater at the best of times at trying to down my giant sloppy saucy burger actually made Marc laugh out loud.

Miel beef patty burger

My burger was really tasty. I loved the mix of sauces. I opted for the optional extra chili and it gave it a great kick. The patty was tender and juicy and the brioche roll tasted as good as it looked.

Korean BBQ bolgogi burger

I sampled a bit of Marc's bulgogi burger. I thought that sounded like a bit of an odd combination but it worked really well. The bulgogi filling had a district grilled char aroma that made the whole burger irresistible.

The accompanying side of chips were thick cut, crunchy and seasoned with herbs. They had a delicious mayo dip that we didn't have to pay extra for. I love that chips are included because who doesn't get chips with their burger?

We absolutely loved out meal at Miel Container. This place has rave reviews online and I can definitely see why. The burgers are huge and super tasty and there are a few less-than-conventional options out there to keep things interesting. I think it's great value too and one burger with chips is ALMOST too much for me but because it was delicious I made room for it.
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