Monday, August 3, 2015

Bali Day 3 - Nalu Bowls at Shelter Rooftop Garden Cafe

Nalu Bowls at Shelter Cafe

After an exciting morning of white water rafter along the Ayung river, Jenny and I were dropped back to our villa with hours to spare before dinner. We decided to head out for a spot of shopping and caught a cab to Legian.

Bali shopping, at least in this district, was fairly underwhelming to me. There were lots of nice boutique shops but prices were akin to non-sale Australian prices. After some fruitless browsing, we were left with a ravaging thirst and sought out a cafe refuel.

What we found instead was a sign for "Nalu Bowls" pointing down a quiet alleyway. This turned out to be a cafe oasis tucked just beyond the bustle and noise of the main street. This "acai shack",as they call themselves, is at the ground floor of Shelter Cafe. We were encouraged by staff to sit upstairs so we made our way up. Even though the upstairs is Shelter Cafe space, you can order and enjoy your Nalu Bowls there.

The environment is great. We saw lots of other tourists and perhaps, expats living in Bali enjoying the abundance of power points and free wifi. Shelter Cafe offers various light and healthy food options but Jenny and I honed in on the Nalu bowls.

Uluwatu (plus extra strawberry) - smooth dragonfruit, topped with strawberries, mangoes, coconut flakes and honey

I chose the Uluwatu. The first thing I noticed was its vivid, striking colour. There's something very distinct about dragon fruit flesh. Both Jenny and I found the granola to be crunchy and tasty. You can add toppings to your bowl (for a small fee) and I opted for an addition of fresh strawberries.

Spoon shot showing that iconic dragonfruit magenta

This whole bowl was so refreshing, filling and delicious. I went through a phase of being smoothie bowl obsessed but that waned as winter hit. Since my Nalu bowl in Bali, I've found myself craving smoothie bowls all over again.

Pipeline - banana, pineapple, mango, coconut, coconut milk and coconut water

Jenny originally went for the Macaronis but it was unavailable so she ordered Pipeline instead. This one had a distinct pina colada flavour that made the smoothie bowl taste extra indulgent. Just add Bicardi!

We were glad to have stumbled across Nalu Bowls on our travels. If I was staying longer in Bali, I would have found reasons to make repeat visits. Smoothie bowls are the ideal antidote for Bali heat and with all the spicy, pungent food you find at restaurants, something icy and fruity helps to keep the belly calm.
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