Thursday, August 20, 2015

CHE Asado for Meaty Feast

CHE Asado and Bar

Alright I'll readily admit I'm crap at dieting. I would say my overall pre-wedding effort can be "rounded up" as good but there have definitely been occasions where I've used twisty excuses to allow myself some treats. My excuse for dinner at CHE was that it would be mostly meat and therefore categorically low carb. Of course I didn't take into account the jugs of sweet sangria we'd be ingesting...

That aside, last Saturday we completed an anxiety and comedy laden rehearsal for our ceremony. I'm awkward in all walks of life and unfortunately this seems to extend to tasks like repeating vows and even hand holding. By the end of it all I was sweating and exhausted and ready for a feed. We were at Kangaroo Point and figured Southbank would just be a quick walk away

It was a walk alway, albeit not a quick one. We had a nice sunset stroll along the river though and tummies were grumbling by the time we found CHE Asado.

CHE is located at the corner of a busy roundabout right in the centre of Southbank Parklands, not far from the cinemas. It's a huge, sprawling venue and even appears to have an upstairs area. We didn't have a booking but they were able to accommodate us without fuss.

Red and white sangria jugs

We ordered drinks to begin with and most of the table indulged in shaded sangria jugs. There was white or red wine sangria to choose from so we sampled a bit of each. The red was tastier but perhaps a bit too sweet in large doses. It had a beautiful, almost caramel tone to it.

For food, we all went for the asado which is shared meat platters. The boys were worried that wouldn't be enough food and insisted on some chipa (cheese balls) to start.

Chipa - house baked three cheese bread

The chipa arrived first with a huge dollop of softened butter. I didn't try this because I was trying to be low carb but the others enjoyed it. Jenny didn't like them straight away but found herself craving them days later.

Garden salad 

Hand cut chips

Our asado feasts included chunky cut potato chips and a fresh garden salad. These were brought out first and pushed aside to make room for the generous meat boards.

Carved Cave Grim flake steak, chorizo, morcilla and pork belly

Each platter contained grilled flank steak, skewers of chorizo and morcilla and pork belly. I liked the steak best as it was cooked to a perfect blushing medium rare.


The steak with chimichurri together was a match made in heaven. The morcilla was interesting and reminded me of black pudding. I didn't try any of the pork belly but I noticed that across both boards, there was a distinction between pieces with crispy crackling and failed crackling. The pieces with failed cracking were leathery and impossible to cut, which is a shame.

We definitely ate our fill at Che Asado. Overall quality of food was pretty good. I liked the potato chips and flank steak best. The pork belly could have used more consistency in standards. Our sangria jugs were tasty but perhaps not very alcoholic? Service was good considering how busy and large the restaurant is.
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