Thursday, August 20, 2015

Racecourse 63 for Lunch

Racecourse 63
63 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton

Another day another lot of wedding errands to be had... I'm pumping out these posts in haste because for obvious reasons I'll be busy in the coming days. Last weekend we had to make an emergency visit to the airport DFO to find Marc appropriate footwear. I hate outlet shopping because the crowds really stress me out so to make a painful event more bearable, I figured we'd have lunch at Racecourse Road on the way.

The original plan was to eat at Hosokawa but it was closed on the Sunday so we headed into nearby Racecourse 63 instead. It looked to be a happening cafe so I was confident we'd get some good food.

There's indoor and covered outdoor seating available and because the weather was dreary, we took up a table inside. The menu is lengthy and takes some thinking about. I tried to peak around at what other diners were eating.

Firstly, there's a lunch specials menu with a lot of delicious-sounding meals (each with an interesting name to go with the dish). Then, just when you think you know what you want there's the whole rest of the menu, which is multiple pages long and offers many more options.

I settled on the haloumi salad but added some chicken strips to it. Marc went for the slow cooked chicken burger. We also ordered some smoothies.

Banana smoothie and mango smoothie

I asked for my banana smoothie to have half the amount of ice-cream that it's supposed to. I'm not sure if they actually did it but compared to Marc's banana smoothie, it did taste less sweet and less cold. I get overwhelmed with smoothies and milkshakes easily but this one was easy enough to drink and not too cloying.

Haloumi salad with added chicken

For my salad, there was the option of a smaller or larger size. I chose the smaller size and was glad I did because I think that's already really big? Marc hates salads and even he agreed my salad looked good. There were generous chunks of grilled, thick cut haloumi and chicken. The green component of the salad was fresh and herby and I liked the surprise chunks of chili but I expect some people would be put off by it.

Slow cooked chicken burger

Marc's burger was served with a similar side salad minus the chili. The burger itself wasn't huge but it came with a mound of shoestring fries and aioli.

I'm glad I stumbled across Racecourse 63. It's a great cafe with fun and friendly vibe, plenty of menu choices so that regulars won't get bored and best of all, delicious food. The staff we encountered were very pleasant and despite how busy the cafe was, we got our food and smoothies quickly. You can even pick up a bunch of fresh flowers after your meal!
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