Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bali Day 4 - Lunch at Indus

Indus Restaurant

The best thing about Bali is that once you're there, everything is so affordable. Our resort accommodation came in a package that included not only airport transfers, breakfast and a family dinner but also a full day's private car hire. We used that to take on a tour around East Bali, which lead us into Ubud to visit the monkey forest, rice terraces and volcano gazing.

All this running around works up a big appetite and we were keen for our driver's lunch recommendation. He took us to Indus Restaurant, which I trusted would be good as soon as we saw it because as big as the restaurant was, it was very busy and most tables were full. We were seated on a large pagoda/deck that allowed us to enjoy the jungle scenery in comfort from afar.

Fresh fruit juice

The menu contains a wide range of Indonesian-style dishes along with some influenced by other parts of Asia. I had worked up a decent thirst by this point and was very interested in the drinks menu. This is probably one of the only occasions we didn't claw at the cocktail menu. The juices sounded great to me so I ordered a carrot and ginger juice. This is one of my favourite fresh juice combinations because it tastes so healthy and has a bit of a kick.

Balinese paella

Our lunches arrived not too long after we ordered them. I was very excited about my pick of the day, which was a Balinese paella. It was probably the prettiest dish I ate on the entire trip. The gorgeous mound of seafood, flavoured rice, fresh herbs and lime was perfection on a plate. Luckily the taste was just as good and I happily polished the whole thing off.

Nasi goreng

Kat ordered the nasi goreng, aka Indonesian fried rice. I tried a bit of it and found it to be full of flavour. Nasi goreng is one of those things, like any classic, that tastes a bit different everywhere you try it. This one was served with some satay skewers and a fried egg.

Fish curry

Sarah ordered the fish curry. On arrival, it looked like a big bowl of curry. I'm not sure how much fish was in here. Indonesian curry tends to be more soupy than thick and creamy like Indian curry.

Beef rendang

Jenny also ordered a curry, the beef rendang. When I've had beef rendang in the past, it was always quite dry with not much sauce. This version was also served in a soupy curry, like Sarah's fish curry. It came with both rice and dipping bread (double the carbs double the fun) and some green beans.

We enjoyed a light and tasty lunch with a gorgeous view at Indus Restaurant in Ubud. It was only of the only places we tried beyond Seminyak so it was nice to see what other parts of Bali had in store. The environment was great and the food was fairly simple but clean and well-executed.
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