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Bali Days 1 and 2 - Drinks and Grazings at Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club

I just got back from an amazing 5 day girly get away in Bali that was put together as a 'hens trip' pre-wedding. Leading up to the trip,  I was more excited about the Bali getaway than the actual wedding itself. Then the volcano situation happened and it was all sort of up in the air as to whether or not we'd even make it there. Thankfully the volcano gods were kind and we had a successful holiday.

I'm not a good flier at the best of times but I managed to top my PB with The Worst Plane ride of my entire life going into Bali. We arrived in the afternoon and used the remaining hours to get to our villa, settle in and melt our aches and stresses away with hours of pampering. After dinner and wine at a local restaurant, we retreated for a good night's sleep.

Day 2 we were charged and energized and ready to party. Still operating on Brisbane time, we hit the streets at 9am and created a whole new cocktail hour. Cocktails for breakfast... why not? Potato Head was one place consistently recommended to us from friends, acquaintances and online blogs so we were really keen to check it out. Doors open at 11am but it's recommended you get there at 10:30 and line up for a good spot.

We were a bit behind in the queue (because we were already cocktailing elsewhere) and just missed out on a lounge with umbrella so we took up a shady table instead. Some of the seating/lounging options have minimum spend, which the door lady will advise you. I think it's very easy to surpass minimum spend requirements so it's not much of a deterrent.

Jug of sangria

Potato Head is unlike anywhere I've been to before. It's basically a large private resort area where people go in to eat, drink swim and chill but minus the overnight accommodation facilities. I liked that it was constantly buzzing with activity but not overcrowded because the intake of patrons is controlled.

There are bars, tables, benches and lounge chairs stretched across the entire premise so that different corners of the establishment have a different feel. Background music is present but not overbearing.

We started our day at one of the tables but a friendly waitress saw us jealously eying off the lounge seating and she put us on a wait list for one of those. This ended up being a blessedly short wait because the group that was originally going to take that table decided to sit somewhere else so it was our chance to move in.

I can't think of anything more iconic 'beach holiday' than basking in the sun with ocean in sight, cocktail in hand and savoury nibblies a fingertip away. This is exactly my idea of a perfect holiday. It was table service (or more accurately, 'lounge service') throughout so we didn't have to move a muscle to top up on drinks or food.

Bloody Mary

As a group we powered through a decent chunk of the cocktail menu. Drinks were served at our lounge and we also drank in the swim up bar at the infinity pool. Cocktails at Potato Head are 'designer' and served in elaborate ways. My bloody Mary came with wasabi, soy and pickled ginger. Jenny's prohibition iced tea arrived in a smoking tea pot.

Rustic fries

Food wasn't our main priority at Potato Head but after a few drinks, the hunger pangs came. We ended up grazing on a series of shared plates throughout our stay.

Cheese platter

The first items of our choosing included some rustic fries and a cheese platter. The fries were top notch and we enjoyed exploring our way through the different, unlabelled cheeses, trying to figure out which we preferred.

Thyme roasted mushroom pizza, truffle mascarpone, roast onion, burrata and duck egg

After a quick dip in the pool (not so much swimming as bopping around in the water), appetites were reignited and we ordered something more substantial in the form of 2 x pizzas. The pizzas way exceeded my expectations. The bases were thin and crispy and the toppings were delicious.

Cinnamon donuts with caramel mocha and raspberry sauce

To round off our long lunch, we ended on a sweet note with some custard filled donuts. These were perfect bite sized portions with creamy custard and a crunchy sugar crystal coating.

Potato Head Beach Club was my favourite part of our entire Bali experience. I loved the atmosphere, food and drink. Service was fantastic and we were blessed with perfect weather on our stay. Prices are closer to Aussie prices than what you see throughout the rest of Bali but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.
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