Friday, August 14, 2015

The London Club for a Hen's Group Lunch

The London Club

I've already mentioned this on the blog but I'm getting married soon... next week in fact! With it comes all the chaos and celebration and last minute stress that you can only expect from a wedding. I had a hen's holiday getaway in Bali but with the active volcano situation, it was touch and go as to whether we could even make it or not. On the night before our departing flight, I thought it might be wise to make a backup plan in case Bali didn't pan out.

Moroccan chicken pizza

As a last minute effort, I pulled together a Facebook event for a group lunch. I researched places in Brisbane that would accommodate for a larger group (at the time, I didn't even know how big, anywhere between 10-20) preferably with a fixed price set menu. I e-mailed a whole bunch of venues and The London Club was the quickest to get back to me with the most reassuring responses.

This post will be a bit different to my usual because I didn't go and order food off the menu, but I think it's fitting because whilst you can do that at The London Club, it is predominantly a function venue. What better way to review a function venue than by having a function there?

As I said, the staff were helpful and informative with their e-mail responses. By the time I was coordinating this lunch, I was physically in Bali so it was critical I could organize everything via e-mail. We came up with a set menu of shared options and I was told everyone could pay separately on the day. Bravo!

Salt and pepper calamari, southern style chicken tenders, wagyu and haloumi meatballs and corn and zucchini fritters

The shared lunch menu involved a number of tapas and varied flavours of stone baked pizza. I could choose which tapas dishes I wanted and honestly they all sounded quite tasty so I tried to pick a variety. My favourites of the lot were the chicken tenders, which tasted like KFC but better and more tender, and the wagyu meatballs. The zucchini and corn fritters were the least interesting.

Salami pizza with mushroom and truffle oil

Our pizzas arrived next and we were treated to all 4 flavours on offer. I tried a couple and thought them each to be delicious.

Smoked ham and artichoke pizza

The salami and mushroom pizza was my favourite of the ones I tasted and I heard others voicing similar thoughts. I also really enjoyed the artichoke topping. The base was rustic, thin and crunchy.

Brownie triangles

We ended our long lunch on a sweet note with some brownie triangles. These were served on cute wooden boards and were cut into perfect bite sizes (or maybe 2 x ladylike bites). The brownies had whole toasted hazelnuts inside and weren't too sweet.

I had a great time at The London Club. Group gatherings can be so stressful to organize and they really helped make it a less painful process. Girls were able to order and pay for drinks individually at the bar and then pay for the lunch component separately at the end so there's no confusion with the bill. Best of all the food was tasty and the atmosphere was perfect for what we hosted.
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