Thursday, June 25, 2009

"A Chai Latte ATE me" - The Three Monkeys Revisited

Three Monkeys Coffee and Tea House - Revisited
58 Mollison St, South Brisbane

When I thought about re-blogging places I've already visited, it did occur to me that this might be perceived as pointless and space-consuming. I argue that it's not (obviously, since I'm the one writing and publishing this post). If I revisit somewhere and the new experience is significantly different to the previous one, I feel like my readers have a right to know! This might mean new food, a sudden lapse in standards, renovations or whatever.

In the case of Three Monkeys, there's not much point in me constantly updating you with new cakes that I try there because well, they don't even have a set selection of cakes. There's new stuff going in by the hour...

What I do want to talk about is this awesome Chai tea I had. I ordered it with soy milk (extra 50c) and was thinking - this better be a bloody good Chai because it's so exxy.


I was at the Monkeys with 2 other mates who ordered a cake each. One also got a cappuccino for himself. As well as my Chai tea, I selected a piece of traditional shortbread.

Flourless chocolate mousse cake

The cakes looked WOW. The flourless chocolate mousse cake went down like a dream. The guy who chose it did so on a recommendation and was really happy with his choice. I think the cake is served warm too - nice for winter.

New york cheesecake

I tried a bit of the New York cheesecake. Sometimes, plain baked cheesecakes are too 'same-ish' for me and I get over the cheesy texture after a few bites. This one was beautiful - thick and smooth but not too heavy. I kept going back for more even though it wasn't my cake!

Chai tea with traditional shortbread

The shortbread was fabulous too. It was thick and chunky but very creamy, crumbly and melt-in-the-mouth. I could do with a piece right now.

When my tea arrived, I literally laughed out loud. It came in a huge bowl with a little dish of honey on the side. I poured the honey in and stopped to brainstorm how I could actually drink this. My only tool was a tiny dessert spoon and I thought I'd look like an idiot spooning a few drops at a time. Inappropriately dainty and very, very slow.

Chai tea: I munna eechow face!

In the end, I did the cavewoman thing and lunged the bowl towards my face. It works. The liquid goes in just fine. It's a gorgeous Chai - very delicate. And I just LOVE Chai tea with soy milk. I find the flavor of soy just perfect in combination with those spices. I'm normally not a fan of honey but it gives is a subtle sweetness here. In the end, the bowl did conquer me - it was just too much liquid and not enough room so I couldn't finish it. This is a great selection for when you have hours to spare just sitting, sipping and chatting.

On a down note, though we got amazing booth seats with cushions, I spied a huge cockroach roaming the floor near my feet and freaked out. My friend came to the rescue and killed the beast but it honestly sent my heart rate up through the roof. This doesn't deter me from going to the Three Monkeys though - the cockroach was on the ground, not in my food.

I love this place. It's so awesome for chatting and eating and drinking.

Love love love - recommended.

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  1. wow ive always wanted to check it out - im a massive fan of soy chai so looks perfect for me!!! yayy thank u!