Thursday, June 25, 2009

Malaya Corner Restaurant

Malaya Corner Restaurant
Shop 38, 341 Mains Rd, Sunnybank

I thought I had the eateries around Sunnybank all tried and tested. Wrong. Malaya is one of those places that I've heard friends rave about but I was sort of skeptical and so it's managed to skip my restauranting radar.

That is, until recently when a friend took me there. We had a pretty early dinner on a weekday so the place wasn't that full. Malaya has a reasonably spacious floor area with a slightly cafeteria-feel. the menu is extensive and there are so many pages of things to look through.

I ended up being slack and choosing item no. 1 which was a traditional Malaysian meal with lots of basic components. My friend selected an oat-battered prawn and rice dish. We also chose desserts for after the meal.

The service was a bit lapse at times - no one came to take our orders even though as I mentioned, it wasn't that busy. We didn't mind too much because we were just chatting away but it's still something I noticed.

Nasi Lemak - traditional Malaysian breakfast

Luckily food didn't take long to come out. It was a tasty meal and quite cheap too. The serving was huge and with all the variety I had to much on, I really enjoyed this.

Oat-battered prawns with rice

I had try of one of the oat-battered prawns. We had debated about what on Earth 'oat-battered' meant. Who cares! They are SO delicious. Crispy and delicate with a sort of 'oaty' flavor I suppose. Really yum - thoroughly recommended. Again, the serving size was huge.

Ice kacang

For desserts, we had chosen a sago pudding and an ice kacang. I've had ice kacang else where and this one was different to what I'm used to. It wasn't very milky but had a lot of sugar syrup. I wasn't a huge fan.

Sago pudding

The sago pudding appealed to me though - thick glutinous pudding in a heavy coconut cream soup. It was decadent and filling. By the end of it, the cream got a bit tedious bit it's a nice dessert all the same.

I'm glad I gave Malaya Corner a go and I'll be going back to try more items on their menu. That is, if I can resist ordering the oat-battered prawns again.


  1. Oh you ordered Nasi Lemak, it's a traditional Malaysian breakfast. I've eaten it several times there and it's delicious indeed, I especially love the slightly sweet/spicy sauce (with a slight crunch) that goes on top of the boiled egg..

  2. Thanks Bonnie! I've updated the post with the proper title of the dish. That egg is really yum.

  3. Malaya is one of my fav asian eateries. A few must tries - Hainan Ckn Rice, Malaya Coconut Chicken rice, Char Kuew Tiao, Combination Crispy noodles. And for drinks, try the chocolate almond frappes! The service is usually good too. :)

  4. It's good hey? I like all that 'group' of eateries. I think they're really reliable and also clean-looking. Love the fact that the menus are huge too so there's a lot to chose from and they're all quite affordable. Yum - coconut chicken!!!!