Monday, June 22, 2009

Endless Noodles

Endless Noodles
Shop 1/70 Pinelands Rd, Sunnybank Hills

I've already pondered over how my 'taste' has changed since I was a child. There's the broad pattern of change. Point in case: I used to detest all forms of seafood. Now, though I'm not a seafood expert/connoisseur/snob by any means, I'm tentatively exploring seafood on menus more and more.

This is slightly on the same vein of thought but as well as these MACRO taste changes, I get MICRO food changes. Profound theory? Possibly. What this means is basically: periods of craving a certain type of food. At the moment, as we're aware, it's Italian. For a while, it was noodles. Sometimes, I have a really specific desire in mind. In my noodle phase, I was specifically after rustic, handmade noodles with simple flavors.

Perhaps subconsciously, what my body was trying to say was that it was craving Endless Noodles. Endless Noodles is the only place I know that makes dishes exactly like what I was after (that's not entirely true - there's one other place but I had a dispute with the owner there and basically got kicked out so it doesn't count).

The first time I went to Endless Noodles was with my parents and some family friends. They specialize in Northern Chinese cuisine which means noodles, pastries and dumplings.

On this occasion, I went there with Charlie. We chose a noodle dish each plus some Chinese chive pastries to share. Food arrives quite quickly and is steamy and lovely to look at.

Lamb and vegetable stir-fried noodles

Charlie chose a lamb and vegetable stir-fried noodle dish. The flavors are lovely. Ingredients are fresh and the noodles are thick and chunky - great for soaking up the sauce. I love these kinds of noodle dishes. So satisfying.

Savory mince with cold noodles

My dish came a bit later (lots of Asian eateries don't grasp the idea of mains coming out at once). It's a 'cold noodle' dish meaning that well, obviously the noodles are cold and there are some other ingredients. In my case, it's a savory mince and some cucumbers. You then stir it all together and enjoy. In winter, my mum makes a cold noodle dish with peanut soy sauce. Also simple and yummy. The savory mince is really tasty and works wonderfully with the noodles. This is another dish I enjoyed.

Chinese chive pastries

We originally intended to have the pastries first but they came out last. These kinds of pastries are really hard to make. The filling was green (bad ones have murky, gluggy filling) and full of flavor. The casing itself is a bit like a flaky shortcrust - crumbly and crisp but very oily. Probably bad for the skin but so are most things that taste good. Such is the way of life.

Inside of pastries

For those of you who haven't tasted Chinese chives, the flavor might take you by surprise. This is another one of those things I couldn't stand as a kid but I quite like now (in certain situations). Just be warned: it's a pungent vegetable.

I've read online that other people have been disappointed by Endless Noodles. Comments they come up with include that it's 'tasty but nothing special' or that the noodles are 'starchy and thick'. I suppose I agree with these comments but they are actually the reasons why I LIKE Endless Noodles. The food is homely and unpretentious. Servings are generous. Dishes are quite cheap. I like chunky, rustic noodles that are OBVIOUSLY handmade though I appreciate this is a personal preference (my dad likes thin, silky noodles).

Don't expect fine dining cuisine. It's an eatery and it's quite good at the type of food it produces. So long as that's what you're after, you shouldn't be disappointed.

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  1. =D I agree!! Their beef noodle soups are to die for! as well as the chive pastries. I think the texture of the noodles are more of an aquired taste and it actually took me a few goes until I began to enjoy it.
    great review!