Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thai Mountain Restaurant

Thai Mountain Restaurant
8/21 Goggs St, Jindalee

I've been told that I once went past this restaurant and said "this place looks good - we must try it".  The thing is, I don't actually recall saying that because I don't even remember noticing this restaurant before but Charlie had mentally cataloged it as somewhere to take me. What a nice guy. We went there spontaneously one weekday evening and it was surprisingly busy. If you're familiar with the area, you'll know we don't have a lot of fancy shmancy restaurants so anything that managed to GRAB THE LOCALS get elevated to 'potentially awesome' in my books.

The restaurant is small. There's a bit of outdoor dining space but the night we went, it was FREEZING so I didn't even think about sitting outside. The first thing I noticed is that the staff wear really cute 'costumes'. Really cute.

We got our menus and picked a couple of dishes to share: red duck curry and chili steamed fish. This was a small meal but like I said, it was a spontaneous weeknight meal - can't be too elaborate.

Spicy red duck curry

Our food didn't take very long to arrive. The duck curry was rich and creamy and spicy and fabulous. There weren't as many duck pieces as I would like but it was still quite a full-filling dish.

Steamed ginger and chili fish

My ginger and chili fish was steamed beautifully - tender and juicy. There were lots of fresh veggies and I felt so healthy eating this. Fish is something I've gotten really into in recent months.

I felt like I should hold back from posting about Thai Mountain Restaurant till I go a few more times and try new things... but I'll post what I have so far anyway. If I get more experiences, I'll update this post or link to any updates.

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