Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moving up in the world


It's finally happened.

I've been waiting for this day for a long, long, time (~ 1 month, to be precise).

Hungry Kittens has finally gotten the rank of no. 1 Brisbane food blog!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has clicked into this site, read any of my posts or even made a comment. This food blog is pretty much my only hobby.

Every week, the greatest fun I have is finding new places to eat with my friends and writing about them on here. Knowing that there are people following along and maybe getting some inspiration on what to have/where to go for dinner really brightens up my day.

Thanks for being with us through the good...

and the bad...

I promise many more reviews and hopefully (when I get less lazy, which will be forced upon me when I move out of home again later this year), more cooking posts too.

Here's a coffee toast (we heart cafes and pubs, if only because the former is more suitable for weekday enjoyment and for people still on their P's) for all my readers. Thanking you all again; please keep reading :D.


  1. keep it going! and congrats (i am a silent reader)

  2. Congrats Cora! Your blog is really great and helps me to relax and revel in food and all its glory (i.e. someone who loves food as much as me! haha. I don't think I'm making any grammatical sense. You can't blame me, it's 3am in the morning.)

  3. Hi Bonnie...
    I always enjoy your comments. And I listen too (e.g. Big Gun) so the benefit is mutual ;)

    Hi Kylie...
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  4. Congrats Cora! Your blog is definitely my fave Brisbane blog. :)

    And I'm looking forward to a non-Bris post after your trip to Shanghai. Hope you have a great time and eats lots of xiao long bao!

  5. Yay!! Well deserved! This is an excellent blog for locals and tourists, I love all your posts!

    Keep it up Cora!!

  6. Congratulations! Another 'silent reader' here, I love your blog :)

  7. Yay thanks everyone. I'll whip up my China posts (and yes I did Lara, amongst many other things) and get back to Bris reviews. If anyone has a restaurant rec, pls e-mail me!

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