Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mud Dessert Bar

Mud Dessert Bar

Waffle cravings are nothing out of the ordinary and one hit me the other night. I started Googling for waffle cafes but alas, none exist in Brisbane. What I did find was a new dessert restaurant called Mud Dessert Bar in Bulimba. I like to keep on top of the specialist dessert eateries in Brisbane so this was an instant must-visit.

After finishing tapas at Alegria, we had room for sweets so we made a special trip to Bulimba just to try Mud. Parking at Oxford Street always freaks me out but luckily there is allocated parking at the back of the restaurant.

Mud is a trendy-looking cafe with attention to detail re: the way it looks. We thought the Oxford Street sugar holders were especially cute. Mochi also pointed out that the fan blades were well, very blade-like and deadly in appearance. I think they're going for a dark and dangerous look, with gluttony as a deadly sin in mind. The restaurant theme is in line with their website.

I knew what I wanted before we got there. Waffles were on the menu and the banoffee special caught my attention. Mochi ordered the chocolate tart and Hien chose a pavlova. We also got some beverages to start.

Soy latte

Mochi's usual is a soy latte. Mud didn't have skinny soy, only regular soy. She commented that it was 'standard' and 'pretty smooth'.

Honeydew green tea

I asked for the melon green tea after hearing Hien order a tea and spotting this one the menu. It is a loose leaf green tea with 'honeydew crystals' in the mix, plus a little dish of bush honey, should I require extra sweetness. The whole thing was passed over in a long plate. The tea had a distinct honeydew flavor and was very unique and tasty. I'd definitely recommend trying this.

Hien originally wanted the mango mist tea, which sounded awesome, but they were out so he went for the peppermint tea. BORING. No comment.

Banoffee special waffles - with caramelized banana, vanilla bean ice-cream, salted caramel ice-cream, butterscotch sauce, pecan nuts and whipped cream

My waffles came out on 2 plates. One contained the waffles themselves with slices of fresh banana. The other had dishes of ice-cream, whipped cream and a butterscotch sauce.

Part 2 of my waffles

The waffles themselves were not the greatest I've tasted but they were very passable. Together with the ice-cream and sauce, it was a great combination of bad things that really hit the spot. The butterscotch sauce was a bit overly runny but I liked that it wasn't too sweet.

Belgian chocolate tart - with pine nut pastry, Belgian chocolate, caramelized fig and burnt butter gelato

Mochi's chocolate tart was very rich but more bitter than sweet, which is a relief in these kinds of desserts.

Pavlova - with soft meringue, balsamic berries and chocolate cream

Hien said his pavlova was great. I'd never order pavlova at a dessert place or in a restaurant so if you're into that kinda stuff, best to take his word for it. He said it was crunchy on the outside with the right amount of gooey on the inside.

I read some online reviews before we went there are some people commented that the menu is pretentious without delivering on flavor. Look, I can see where that's coming from. Mud boasts of menu items such as 'frozen hot chocolate' which you KNOW is going to be more talk than action before even tasting it. I personally don't mind restaurants getting a bit creative. Where we draw the line is if it tastes like crap and they're charging you a fortune.

Mud is a bit borderline in that regard. The desserts were acceptable but not mind-blowing and they are a bit on the pricey side. On the plus, they are generous servings though and the atmosphere is pretty cool. I'd be happy to go back simply because there is such a lack of dessert restaurants in Brisbane.

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