Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Dessert Shop for Sweet Dessert

Sweet Dessert Shop
Shop 10, Market Square, Sunnybank

Just a quick post here. You see a few Asian dessert places around now. Typical flavors that you wouldn't see elsewhere include: taro, red bean, grass jelly, almond, coconut and pandan. Most things are in the form of 'soup', custard, pudding plus/minus sago and evaporated milk. That to me sums up what Asian dessert is all about. You can add bubble tea creations into the mix too.

Sweet Dessert Shop is one of these places and it's aptly named to represent what it serves. There aren't many things on the 'menu'. I say 'menu' because I didn't actually see a menu. We went after dinner one night and there was a queue. I tried to find a menu but the pamphlet I picked up was actually for another eatery (maybe owned by the same people)? What we ended up ordering came from the photos on the wall. Perhaps that's all they serve?

There are a few tables inside and even less outside. You can get take-away or dine in. We wanted to dine in but were advised that a 15min wait was expected. I have no patience for these things so we changed our mind to takeaway. Annoyingly (or luckily, depending on your perspective), a table cleared up as we were waiting for our order to be made so we quickly put our bums down and ate there.

Grass jelly with syrup and taro coconut sago

I'm in love with all things taro and dad makes this taro and coconut dessert with sago. The item I ordered was much the same. It was a huge serve, with sweet coconut milk, generous chunks of taro and plenty of sago. Filling but delicious.

Hien chose a grass jelly dessert. On the menu, it comes with evaporated milk but he chose to have it with syrup instead. Asian syrup is a bit like a chilled, watered down golden syrup. I don't like grass jelly so I didn't try it but he seemed to like it.

Wonder if this is true...

Sweet Dessert Shop was very popular when we went. It's got a hot location in Market Square and probably takes advantage of the after-dinner sugar cravings. I would've liked a paper menu to look at while we were in line though.


  1. taro coconut...YUM! there's a new desert store in the plaza..pretty much the same as this store, though i haven't tried it yet.It's right opposite landmark where the sushi store use to be (inside plaza where AMC is). maybe you could try that store next time you're in the area :)

  2. Hi Kylie...
    Oh cool I didn't know there was a dessert shop in the plaza too. I went to another one called Just Soy Cafe further down in Sunnybank Hills. It was real good. I'll post it up when I take some piccies.

  3. I think the one in Sunnybank Plaza is called Sweeties in Paradise

    I heart that place and always order the mango and pomelo sago dessert and mango pancakes (misleading as they're more like mango parcels)

    Since I've discovered Just Soy I've alternated between the two =)