Sunday, March 3, 2013

Breakfast and Lunch at Glow Espresso

Glow Espresso

My mate Zen mentioned Glow Espresso to me a couple of times before they opened. We never successfully made it there but I happened to pass Glow on my wanderings one morning so I stopped in for breakfast. That was over two months ago and since then, I have been trying to gather enough material to write another post. The opportunity came up when Marc and I went to watch Django Unchained at South Bank Cinemas and needed something quick for lunch. I popped into Glow to grab a takeaway baguette.

My breakfast experience the more relaxed of my two visits to Glow. I was up really early and most other cafes were still closed but Glow was already in service. I parked myself at one of the window seats and basked in sunshine. There was a generous supply of inside tables, as well as a few outside for those wishing to embrace the elements.

Iced coffee

This morning was fairly warm so I ordered an iced coffee to start my day. It was served as my ideal iced coffee, with real espresso, milk, ice-cubes, a ball of ice-cream and no cream or sugar syrups. Basically a long affogato. It was delicious! The bitterness of the coffee and plentitude of ice-cubes kept it refreshing but the ice-cream gave it just a bit of decadence without being too over-the-top for breakfast time.

Smashed avocado on toast - with roast tomato vinaigrette, lemon slice and rocket

My food choice was the avocado on toast. Avo on toast is fast becoming my 'it' breakfast option. I eat it at home so much that it's difficult for a cafe version to impress me. This was great because it had a hefty lashing of fresh avocado topping, plus a drizzle of tangy tomato salsa. I wasn't sure how well it would go together but trust me, Glow makes it work really well.

Fresh baguette - with smoked ham, brie, pesto and rocket

The baguette I grabbed from Glow pre-movie had a smoked ham, pesto and brie filling with a layer of fresh rocket. I thought it was very well-rounded and satisfying and enjoyed all the flavors together.

I definitely liked my breakfast and coffee at Glow. It's a cafe that I think gets lost amongst some of the bigger name in South Bank Parklands but the food I had there both times have been good and the service was pleasant too.
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