Sunday, March 10, 2013

Has Beans for Coffee

Has Beans
Samuel Village, 152 Boundary Road, Camp Hill

When the majority of my food outings are centralized around South Brisbane and the Brisbane CBD, it's refreshing to get the opportunity to try something in the 'burbs. I was staying at mum and dad's place in Carindale one night so I started Googling popular breakfast destinations nearby. I found a couple around Camp Hill so I plucked one at random and ended up at Has Beans.

What surprised and slightly disappointed me is that Has Beans is almost entirely a coffee vendor with hardly any breakfast options. I suppose it all worked out alright because I was going out for lunch and dinner later on in the day anyway and didn't need a big breakfast. The shop front is small and the pace is fast. I 'dined in' at one of the small outside tables. There weren't many sit-down customers but there was an ongoing supply of people buying takeaway coffee. It was interesting because it had an inner city vibe to it, with the rush of people linging up and coffee orders being yelled out, but it was (in my mind) the middle of nowhere with hardly any commercial buildings in sight.

Raisin toast with butter

I saw a few muffins and things perched on the counter but I ended up going for a simple raisin toast. It was exactly that; a raisin toast. There's not much to say about this. Picture a supermarket loaf, sliced, toasted and served with butter. Simple and easy to achieve at home but that's not to say it didn't taste good.


I ordered the coffee in a takeaway container so that I had the option of zooming home with it. It was a pretty good coffee but I wouldn't say it was rediculously superior to any other coffee served at a decent cafe.

Has Beans gave me the impression of being a decent suburban coffee pit spot. I wouldn't say it's ideal for sit down breakfast or a long catch up with friends. The coffee was fine but the food options were extremely limited.
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