Monday, March 18, 2013

Dinner at Thai on High, Toowoomba

Thai on High
3/52 High Street, Rangeville

After living in Toowoomba for 2+ years now, I've accepted the fact that I've eaten just about everywhere worth eating. Or HAVE I? One weekend, Byron told me he went to this new Thai restaurant (we don't know if it's actually new or if we just hadn't known about it before) with a group of friends. He was so taken by it that when I got back home after a weekend in Brisbane, we went there for dinner, which was his second consecutive visit there in as many days.

I was confused when I first heard "Thai on High" because I swear that's a Thai restaurant in Brisbane. Google reveals it to be located in Highgate Hill. I don't think these two restaurants are affiliated.

Thai on High in Toowoomba is located in the High Street Plaza. It's a large restaurant for local standards and has a neat fitout. We took up a small table near the window and started looking up the menu.

Byron had a solid idea of what we should order based on his experience from the nigth before. We went for some spring rolls as entree, basil duck and cashew chicken. I saw drunken noodles on the menu and insisted we order some of that too. We chose the seafood version.

Vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chili dipping sauce

The spring rolls arrived first as a plate of 4 mini rolls with some sweet chili dipping sauce. I think that dipping spring rolls is the only time I like sweet chili sauce. These spring rolls were nice and crunchy with a savory vegetarian filling. I liked that the wrapper wasn't too greasy.

Basil duck

The basil duck was something I was really looking forward to. It was very tasty with duck and vegetable slices cooked in a soy sauce. I would have liked a bigger hit of Thai basil and a larger meat to vegetable ratio.

Cashew chicken

I think cashew chicken is more of a Chinese dish than Thai but whatever the case, it was pretty good..  Again, we would have preferred more chicken and less vegetable, especially considering the price of each dish (approx $19). The sauce was very flavorsome though. Byron wanted to add that he particularly didn't like the quantity of carrot that almost made it feel like a cashew carrot dish.

Prawn drunken noodles

I really enjoyed the drunken noodles but Byron didn't like it much at all. That worked in our favor because when it came to distributing leftovers, I was able to claim all the drunken noodles with a clear conscience. I'm not sure what he didn't like about it; he simply says "they were horrible". I suppose the blend of pungent/sour/savory/sweet/booziness is not for everyone.

Thai on High is a restaurant we'll definitely be revisiting in Toowoomba. We love Thai food and it's nice to have some variety in places to eat at. The food was of consistently good standards and we had plenty to take home for lunch the next day too.

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