Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tassels for Lunch

Tassels Cafe Bar Catering

As someone who meticulously plans every food excursion and in fact, every single detail of my life (I have mild OCD, no joke), I grasp onto these examples of why spontaneity doesn't work. Marc and I headed to Hamilton for lunch with no clear vision of what we wanted to find there. I was in the mood for Malaysian, which granted is a rather specific craving, but when we got there, I eased off my expectations and we still didn't come across anything that felt 'right'.

We ended up backtracking to where we had parked because I noticed that Tassels proclaimed 'sandwiches' to be part of their offerings and I LOVE sandwiches. It's about as far from Malaysian as you can get but I'm ALWAYS in the mood for a sandwich. I was unsure if this cafe would be too 'girly' for Marc (it's pink and it is called Tassels) but by this point he was too hungry to give a bum.

It was mid afternoon, i.e. past the lunch peak, and there were only a couple of other tables with people eating. We took up a small table gazing out onto Racecourse Road.

Tassels offers a decent range of standard cafe fair, including salads, pastas, burgers and of course, sandwiches. They were promisingly titled 'house special' sandwiches, which greatly increased their appeal. At the top of the menu, there is also a list of small plates they term tapas, which are suitable for sharing.

Marc ordered an organic beef burger and I chose the classic reuben sandwich on fresh rye. There was a slight wait on the food, perhaps exaggerated in my mind from hunger, but once the plates were placed down, they were a welcome sight to behold.

Organic beef burger - served on turkish bun, with pesto, lettuce, roast tomato, onion jam, melted swiss cheese and fries

Marc's burger was massive. I'm sure that's the first thing he takes note of with burgers. He's teased me about having to use cutlery to eat burgers (not my fault my chompers are compromised with braces!) but even he had to cut this burger up to fit it in his mouth. As a hater of tomato, I was unsure about how he would take the rather large portion of tomato sitting bang in the middle of the burger. Marc said he was 'training himself' and ate it anyway. As to what he's training for... who knows?!

Classic reuben - with corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and russian dressing on rye bread

I was far more taken by my sandwich. I had my first taste of the reuben sandwich combination at Reuben Hills in Sydney. Marc spent a good portion of his childhood trying to wash down corned meat so he has a psychological fear of it. I have no such infliction and to me, the use of corned meat in colaboration with tangy sauerkraut and sharp swiss cheese is absolutely delightful. Yum. I was full after maybe a third and yet I finished the whole plate. It was JUICY. Is it appropriate to term a sandwich as juicy? The bread was in no way soggy but the contents could not be described in any other way but juicy and succulent, dripping with delicious sauce. I dare say this was better than the one I tried at Reuben Hills.

Tassels is my kind of cafe. With a good range of light meals, top notch sandwiches and some heartier meals for the boys, I think this is everything I'd want to have for day time food options. I didn't try any sweets but if they have excellent cake on offer too, that would just about be perfection.
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