Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Burger Urge in West End

Burger Urge
3/156 Boundary Street, West End

Marc and I are big burger fans so it was strange that we hadn't been to a Burger Urge, especially the one that was just up the road in West End. One of the reasons would be that a few times we walked by it in the past, it looked closed. We usually don't go wandering all the way down there unless we really have no idea what we want to eat and are going by impulse alone. It was on another of 'those' kinds of days where the only thing we knew for sure was that we were hungry; for what, we couldn't say, so we strolled along, saw Burger Urge, and this time, it was open.

It's hard for me to critique any of these gourmet burger venues without comparing them to Grill'd. Burger Urge is decked out more grungy and urban than Grill'd. The tables had pink neons and the walls were plastered with event posters. Metal mesh grills and (oddly) hanging ferns completed the look.

The burger menu is comprehensive, with the classic beef patties on offer, along with chicken, lamb and vegetarian options. On this occasion, Marc chose the Red Hot Chilli Peppers beef burger and I went for the ABC chicken burger. We also got some chips to share.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - homemade chili sauce, whole-egg mayonnaise with melted cheddar cheese on an Australian beef patty with cos lettuce, tomato and white onion

The burgers were served quickly and decently sized. Marc's was 'normal' in terms of contents, with lettuce, a slice of tomato, some raw onion, cheese and a chili sauce. I think he mentioned the patty was nice but the chili sauce wasn't hot enough; but keep in mind he is fairly unreasonable when it comes to chili.

ABC - marinated chicken breast, crispy free range bacon, sliced avocado, whole-egg mayonnaise, cos lettuce and tomato

My chicken burger was piled high with avocado chunks and bacon rashers. It was another classic combination of incredients, along with a drizzle of creamy mayonnaise. I thought the burger was very tasty and I liked the bun they use too.

Thick cut chips with herb garlic seasoning and garlic mayonnaise

The herb chips were really yum. It sucks for me because I try not to eat chips but when a really well-done batch is plopped down in front of me, I just go for broke! We got an aioli to dip in it.

I wouldn't say these Burger Urge burgers are necessarily superior to Grill'd but they were pretty good. It's nice for someone like me who's been to Grill'd so many times I'm a bit sick of their menu so Burger Urge offers some new flavors.
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