Monday, March 25, 2013

Stomp Espresso for Breakfast

Stomp Espresso
109 Holland Road, Brisbane

I don't see how it is that I've driven past this cafe so many times in the past without even thinking to stop by. It's en route between Marc's place and my mum and dad's so I literally see it all the time. My theory is that once I'm out of the inner suburbs, it just doesn't occur to me to keep an eye out for good cafes. I think I was actually starving one morning and NEEDED to get food so I pulled over at Stomp and headed in.

If ever I thought that cute, tasteful cafes with un-boring menus are only in existance in Paddington and the likes, I was about to be proven wrong. Stomp was all those things and pet-friendly too to boot. I've even gone so far as to take photos of the vintage table to remind myself how I want to decorate my home in Toowoomba.

I've been to Stomp thrice now, with the view of many more visits to come. On my first visit, I ordered the avocado and hommus on toast, plus a takeaway latte.

Smashed avocado and hommus on toasted sourdough

I didn't have exceptional hopes for the avo on toast beyond thinking "yes this will taste good" since it's my favorite breakfast combination. What blew my mind was how well the hommus went with it.  The concept is so simple on paper that I'm surprised not more places do it... but maybe it's not just a matter of doing it but doing it well. The hommus at Stomp had a lovely, homemade, rustic quality to it and the same could be said of the smashed avocado spread on top. With a tiny squeeze of lemon, it was just sensational. In the two subsequent times that I've been to Stomp, I really had to force myself not to order this again so that I would have more variety to blog about.

My second visit was a quick takeaway pitstop. I ordered bircher muesli and it came in a coffee cup, which I thought was quite cute. In my eagerness to eat it, I forgot to take photos, but I can assure you it was delicious!

I was going to order the bircher muesli again when I revisited Stomp this morning but instead, I went for the toasted banana bread with passionfruit curd.


I had a latte and took up my favorite spot in the cafe on the window bench looking onto the street. The cafe is very busy but most of the orders during the week appear to be takeaway, so I still found it quite relaxing to sit there. I was waiting for my haircut appointment so I ended up sitting there long after I finished breakfast and at no point did I feel like I was being rushed out. I love that.

Toasted banana bread with passionfruit curd

The banana bread was a single, thick slice, toasted and even cut up for me. The passionfruit curd had a beautifully whipped consistency that made it really easy to spread.

Close-up of banana bread

Sometimes, I find curds too acidic and sharp but this was balanced and went well with the banana bread.

Stomp is fast becoming my favorite cafe. It's near impossible to get into my 'regular' books since I'm constantly trying new places but since I've been to Stomp 3 times in about as many weeks, I would say this is as close to my regular cafe as any. East-siders rejoice!
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  1. This place looks awesome! Where can i find a menu ?

  2. Hi Audrey...

    I don't think they have a menu available online. Aside from the avo and hommus on toast, banana bread and bircher muesli, I recall bacon and egg rolls etc. So there are some heartier things on there too.

    1. Ah bummer ill just have to drop in! Will check if their open this long weekend, that banana bread looks to die for!