Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Cheeky Bean Espresso Bar

The Cheeky Bean Espresso Bar
206A Montague Rd, West End

I found mention of Cheeky Bean on The Weekender so one day when I was in need of coffee, I decided to seek it out. It was an easy walking distance from Marc's place in South Brisbane but the morning was drizzly so I took the easy option and drove.

For some reason I had pictured a full blown cafe but Cheeky Bean Espresso Bar is very much a hole-in-the-wall coffee vendor. There are some stools lining the wall outside if you want to stop and read a paper but I personally need more space to linger and relax in public so I ended up taking my purchases back to my car and sipping/eating there.

I was hoping for breakfast too, even something as simple as toast or a muffin but there wasn't anything like that available. A small side fridge contained some rolls and things so I went for a Moroccan veggie roll. Hardly typical breakfast food but it sounded tasty none the less.


The coffee was pretty good. As much as I hate wet weather, I'm starting to develop a liking for coffee on raining days, provided I'm indoors of course.

Moroccan vegetable baguette

My unexpected Moroccan-themed breakfast pick actually turned out to be pretty good! It contained marinated roast veggies, hommus, fresh rocket and feta on a baguette roll. I particularly liked the way the salty feta made the veggies pop in the mouth. I set off to eat half but before I knew it, the whole roll was gone.

Cheeky Bean Espresso bar would be a lovely weekday coffee pit stop. Read a paper as you sip or grab and go. There are limited food options but the roll I had was better than expected.

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