Monday, March 18, 2013

Breakfast at Five Sisters Art House Cafe

Five Sisters Art House Cafe

This post dates back a few months and I figured I should quickly write it up before I forget what I tasted. I was on Urbanspoon looking up places to get breakfast around West End and South Brisbane. My goal is to eventually exhaust the location then complain about there being nowhere new to try :p. I found Five Sisters mentioned with good ratings but unfortunately it doesn't open on weekends so at the time, when I was working 5 days a week in Toowoomba, that ruled it out as an option.

One weekend, I happened to have an appointment in Brisbane on Monday so I figured I may as well take the opportunity to try Five Sisters. When I got there I nearly thought it was closed anyway because you have to walk through a narrow alleyway to get to the side of the building where the cafe is located. It's a strange sort of environment because it feels like someone's private courtyard. I was there very early in the morning too so there weren't many other people around and I kept thinking I was doing something wrong.


I had a latte to start the morning with. It came with a little shortbread cookie on the side, which was a nice touch. It was also very tasty.

Greek omelette - with spinach, haloumi cheese, tomato and bacon with Turkish bread

I was feeling particularly hungry that morning so I ordered the greek omelette. It sounded hearty and when it was brought out, I feasted just by looking at it. The omelette was huge and loaded with fresh ingredients. I've regretted ordering omelette and other heavily eggy dishes at cafes before but this was not one of those occasions. It was an omelette done right. It wasn't at all tough and the contents still had a freshness that is easily lost when an omelette stays on the heat for too long.

Close-up texture shot

I especially enjoyed the pockets of tomato and haloumi that translated to bursts of flavor in the mouth. There was a slice of bread on the side but I found the omelette to be filling enough on its own.

My omelette from Five Sisters Art House Cafe was a definite winner. I'd love to go back to try some more of their menu items but until they start doing weekend trading, that just won't be an option for me.
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