Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Asia-Eurotrip 2013!

Three month long adventure of a lifetime 

And finally, with 4 weeks off work I have no excuse not to write up my holiday blog posts. This will be more of a memoir for myself than anything that would be of interest to my readers but I hope those of you who have some spare time or are planning a trip to Europe anytime soon will gain some insight from my recounts. I've separated the posts into country, by chronological order. Where there is a distinct separate activity (e.g. an Italian food tour), I might put that in its own post. Most of my writing will focus on food but obviously, that isn't all I did so I'll include other highlights too.
As I've mentioned previously, I had some drama with my photography equipment early on in my trip so I pretty much have nothing to show for the Asian leg plus London. However, due to my OCD, I can't simply exclude them from the list. MUST BE COMPREHENSIVE.


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