Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brekkie and Treats from Butter Cream

Butter Cream Cafe

OOPS! I was tipsy and leafing through my blog when I realised I had a whole heap of posts from a couple months back that I forgot all about!

This one was from May and now it's nearly August. I hope everything is still relevant.

I was staying over at mum and dad's at Carindale one time and decided to head out for breakfast. There aren't as many of 'my type' of cafe out in the burbs as there are in the inner city circle. By that I mean, they have plenty of cafes but they only do boring $15 combinations of bacon and toast or quiche. Lots of pensioners dine at those sorts of places and love it but I just don't get it. I trawled through Urbanspoon hoping for something more appealing.

Butter Cream sounded perfect for me not only because it was just down the road but because it offers a variety of cupcakes. There are crappy cupcakes and there are delicious cupcakes so I wanted to see which category these would come under.

It's located in the Metropol complex on the corner of Pine Mountain and Creek Rd. There's ample parking there so it's less stressful than the hyped up inner city cafes I'm used to.

There's nothing pretentious about Butter Cream Cafe and that may or may not appeal to you. It doesn't try to be trendy or hip with its decor but it's neat and the cupcakes are on display and there's enough seating to cater for its dine in guests.

I wasn't planning on ordering anything from the breakfast menu but I got hungry in line so I picked a bacon and egg roll. The lady who took my order at the counter asked if I wanted my bacon extra crispy. HELL YEAH!


I perched up at the window and waited for my food. My coffee was big. I like that because so many shmancy boutique cafes give you latte that looks more like a shot of espresso. This was coffee I could wrap my arms around. Better yet, it came with a tiny choc chip cookie. How cute!

Bacon and egg roll on turkish breaad with spicy tomato relish

My bacon and egg roll was ENORMOUS. I think I have a large mouth and this was still a challenge to shovel it in. At $9, it's incredibly good value.

Close-up content shot

There's bacon (crispy, as promised), loads of egg, tomato relish and spinach. It could have fed two small humans or one hungry, hungover male :D.

Mars Bar cupcake and carrot cupcake

I bought two cupcakes takeaway. One was a Mars Bar flavoured cupcake and the other was carrot cake flavoured. Marc and I shared half each and they were both moist and yummy!

I think Butter Cream Cafe is an awesome place for locals. The food is tasty and served in huge portions. The cupcakes are adorable and tasty. The service is fast and friendly. What more could you want?
Butter Cream on Urbanspoon

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