Friday, July 18, 2014

Eurotrip 14 - Anastasis Suites

Anastasis Suites

This will succeed in being the first accomodation venue I have found worthy to write a full blog post about. I know that Hungry Kittens is meant to be a food blog and this isn't strictly food-related but it was such an amazing place to stay that I want everyone to know about it. Plus, we did eat loads on site so there will still be tasty food photos!

There's no other way of describing it... This is the creme de la creme of indulgent island living. After being picked up from our previous hotel, we were welcomed and then given a tour (yes, a hosted tour) around our private suite.

The one I had originally wanted to book was booked out ONE YEAR in advance so I was 'forced' to upgrade to the top tier suite and looking back, it was a blessing in disguise.

Our namestake Anastasis suite was tucked away in a private cove, hidden from all the other residents. We had a large balcony with uninterrupted views right onto the ocean. The sunsets were stunning.

Room service

We ordered room service a couple of times just because with accomodation so luxe and comfy, we had little resolve to step out. My favourite was the mini baklava dessert platter and the taramasalata dip. We also had plenty of wine between us.

Breakfast by the water

Not only that, these exact views could be enjoyed from a huge private jacuzzi. We shared many sparkling wines there.

The bed was comfy. There was a gorgeous kitchen that we didn't need to use because we either dined out or ordered room service. We also had a lounge area with TV. It was very much a full-fledged apartment.

There is a large, shared infinity pool for all the guests. Anastasis is not a dense set of apartments so even though this pool was shared, it remained relatively quiet. Nearby, there is another pool inside a 'cave' setting. This one is heated and I spent more time here because as gorgeous as the infinity pool was, it was just too cold for me.

Surprise for us one night

Anastasis Suites gave us a real fealing of royalty by providing little details like room cleaning/turn-down on demand, complimentary happy hour cocktails, huge breakfasts delivered to our balcony and more. We had a beautiful surprise one night coming home to find the lights dimmed and candles laid out with a tray of desserts and champagne.

Dinner at sundown

This was the ultimate honeymoon experience and best of all, we weren't even on our honeymoon. In fact, I am near confident in saying that our actual honeymoon won't be anywhere near as good. It was pricey but not ridiculously overpriced and in my mind it was 110% worth it.

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