Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scone Fix at Cafe Di Luna

Cafe Di Luna
28a Mains Rd, Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank

I can pinpoint when my recent craving for scones started. It was my first morning in Sydney. I wanted to get them from Faith Cafe but they didn't have any so at the time, I settled for banana bread. This settled the sweet snack craving temporarily but even when I got back to Brisbane, I found myself permanently in the mood for Devonshire tea. Only, I didn't want any tea... just scones with jam and cream.

Today we went to Sunnybank because whenever there's a public holiday, Sunnybank will reliably have some shops open. Originally, we also wanted to see a movie.

I noticed that most of the cafes were open so to kill time before the movie (the one that we didn't end up watching), we stopped by to have a quick snack. Cafe Di Luna seemed pretty welcoming - there were quite a lot of customers. I didn't see scones on their menu but they did have something that Charlie goes on about a lot - poffertjes. He said he used to get them at the markets. Poffertjes (neither of us can pronounce it by the way, the 'tj' combination is way confusing) are Dutch in origin and basically like little, raised pancakes.

When the waitress came, I asked if they had scones and she said 'yes' so I chose 1 with jam and cream (horray - goal is reached). We also ordered a serve of poffertjes with caramel sauce (there are a few choices for topping).

Warm scone with whipped cream and raspberry jam

Close-up of scone texture

My scone came out first with a little mound of whipped cream and 2 packets (are they called packets?) of raspberry jam. The scone was really good. When I make scones at home, I love how they're buttery and crumbly - almost too crumbly to spread anything on. I don't like them dry or dense. A scone has to have a scone texture so the further away from a bread roll it is, the better. This scone was served warm and very soft and crumbly. It definitely served its purpose in satisfying my scone craving.

Poffertjes with caramel sauce, icing sugar, butter and whipped cream

The poffertjes came next. Although I hadn't tried them before, they were pretty much what I expected - small and pancake like. Because of their shape and size, there's more surface area and there's more crispness than normal, large pancakes. It's the same sort of principle in comparing fries with chunky cut chips. I'm glad we chose caramel sauce because it complimented them pretty well.

Charlie's comment was that they're better at the markets not so much due to taste but because they're way cheaper there (as expected) and come out faster and hotter, with more sauce. Fair enough - I'll be happy to try it.

Service at Cafe Di Luna is polite and speedy. They had a $10 Eftpos minimum, which we didn't exceed so we ended up buying a cookie to take home. The overall ambience is relaxed and casual. They also have a selection of cakes, light meals and breakfast items on their menu.


  1. Hehe I actually remember/know this place (I used to live right near Sunnybank shops) neway, there used to be a great Poffertjies place in the Myer Centre next to the KFC downstairs, but last time i sought it out - it was gone... I agree with Charlie though - Poffertjies at markets/fairs are awesome, cheap, warm, and sooo yummy (they have them at Canberra's Multicultural food festival every year)

  2. I'm still liking big, fluffy pancakes though. Maybe the poffertjes at the markets will win me over! I'm trying to get into the fresh food market scene but whenever I go, I'm always too intimidated to buy anything.