Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Haus for Breakfast

Our Haus

The most recent addition to my breakast dates with Kat is Our Haus in Hawthorne. We headed there bright and early last Sunday. The sun was already up. I could definitely feel the heat. Summer is making its move early.

Our Haus is a smallish cafe located on Riding Road. The inside dining space is limited but there are quite a few tables outside (thankfully in the shade). We decided to soak up the beautiful weather outside. Actually, it wasn't totally our decision. The place was already packed so the table we ended up at was one of the only ones available. As the morning went on, I even saw a queue developing. It looks like Our Haus is a weekend breakfast/brunch hot spot.

The menu is packed with enticing options that sound familiar (bacon, eggs, toast et al are all present) but with slight quirks to keep things interesting. Kat and I poured over the descriptions unable to pick just one. In fact, I got so stuck that I ended up ordering one thing and also requesting the banana bread take-away for later.

Espresso Cafe

Not only is there a great food menu, Our Haus has plenty of beverage options. There are loads of shakes, frappes and juices available. I wanted something coffee-based and cold but I didn't want it to be too sugary so I went with an espresso frappe (not on the menu; I asked for a mocha frappe without the chocolate). It was served in a gorgeous pink ceramic vessel that coincidentally matched my nail polish that day. The frappe itself was exactly what I wanted: icy, refreshing and invigorating.

Gym Junkie - sweet potato and mushroom egg white omelet with wilted rocket and spinach

Kat ended up going with the 'Gym Junkie', a sweet potato and mushroom omelet. She really enjoyed this dish and complimented the abundance of filling ingredients (rather than the omelet just being full of egg). Its a bonus that this was such a guilt-free start to the day too.

Haus savory mince - with poached eggs on Haus sourdough with roast mushrooms

I went for the savory mince on sourdough. I was concerned that the mince would be too heavy and oily (even though I ignored my reservations and ordered it anyway) but it wasn't oily at all.

Close-up of every melding together beautifully

It may be difficult to imagine a light mince but this succeeded in being just that. The flavors were simple but tasty. The mince was great on the toast, especially with the oozy poached eggs.

Haus banana bread - warmed with mascarpone with Haus jam

I ended up giving the banana bread to Marc to try. It came as 2 huge, thick-cut slices, served with some mascarpone and Haus jam ('house jam' pun. Get it?).

I thought Our Haus was a great spot for breakfast. It was very busy but there weren't any huge service flaws like what I've experienced in other popular cafes. The menu items are on the pricier side but honestly, the servings are so huge it's still great value. I definitely recommend trying this place!
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